Sherri Brooks Vinton

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You might expect a food epiphany to strike in the kitchen, at the table, maybe in the market.  My ‘a-ha’ moment came on the back of a motorcycle.  In the summer of 2000 my husband and I drove cross-country and came face-to-face with the negative impacts of industrial agriculture—farm towns turned to ghost towns, fields planted with feed instead of food. I returned home hungry for answers (and some real food!) and found a dynamic, delicious community of sustainable food producers operating just under the radar. Over a decade later, this real food movement continues to provide eaters with the freshest, most delicious food available and I want to help you find and enjoy it!

My two books Put ‘em Up! Fruit and The Put ‘em Up! Answer Book both hit the shelves in 2013. In addition to reading my books, you can catch me on the road, talking about the local food and all of the ways we can enjoy and preserve it.


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