Matthew Rowley

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Matthew Rowley is a writer, editor, public speaker, and author based in Southern California. He is a past board member of the Southern Foodways Alliance and the Museum Council of Philadelphia and the Greater Delaware Valley. He earned degrees from Truman State University and the University of Kansas and conducted postgraduate studies at the Wharton School of Business.

Rowley’s 2,000-volume culinary library is open to chefs, bartenders, historians, journalists, and students. When not writing for clients, he maintains Rowley’s Whiskey Forge, a sporadic blog devoted to the history and practice of distilling, cocktails, and good eats.

His book, Lost Recipes of Prohibition: Recipes from a Bootlegger’s Manual,  published in Oct. 2015, a secret, handwritten collection of illicit booze recipes―hidden in a volume of poetry during the Prohibition―annotated and explained in fascinating detail.


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