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  1. Derek and Chad Sarno

    Do you want to work with Derek and Chad? Click here! Derek and Chad Sarno are brothers, chefs, and plant pushers. Their brand, Wicked Healthy, centers around the “Wicked Healthy Equation,” which states that you should “shoot for 80% healthy, 20% wicked, to be 100% sexy.” The duo urges their readers to drop their diet plans, […]

  2. Tiffanie Barriere

    Do you want to work with Tiffanie? Click here! Tiffanie Barriere was one of five black female bartenders recognized by the Tales of the Cocktail Foundation as an influencer on America’s drink scene. Tales of the Cocktail also named One Flew South, where Tiffanie spent seven years as beverage director, “Best Airport Bar in the World.” […]

  3. John Coletta

    Do you want to work with John? Click here! For centuries, the kitchen has been recognized in Italian culture as the center of both the heart and mind. This is a philosophy that still holds true today, as seen in the work of chef John Coletta. A first-generation Italian-American, Coletta was born in New York City one […]

  4. Cindy Littlefield

    Do you want to work with Cindy? Click here! In the twenty-plus years I’ve been an editor, I’ve collaborated with writers and book authors through all stages of the process, from conception to publication. I love writing and reading, and I believe it is equally important for an editor to acknowledge what a writer is doing […]

  5. Leah Segedie

    Do you want to work with Leah? Click here! Leah Segedie is the founder of the Mamavation community, ShiftCon Social Media Conference, food activist and social media consultant. Through the Mamavation community, she teaches “digital moms” healthy living practices to combat disease in their home.  The community members of Mamavation have lost over 3,500 lbs.  Leah […]

  6. Phoebe Lapine

    Do you want to work with Phoebe? Click here! Phoebe Lapine is a cookbook author, private chef, culinary instructor, blogger, and caterer, born and raised in New York City, where she continues to live and eat. She documents her healthy comfort food, gluten-free finds, and snap shots of her professional cooking world on her award-winning blog, […]

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