Nathan Briner

Nathan Briner is owner of the TrueBalance Sports Therapy clinic in San Diego, Califonia. His primary clinical and research interest has been the use of neuroscience and pain education, combined with manual and movement therapies for the treatment of chronic pain, muscle and joint issues. His overarching goal is the transformation of the outdated, misinformed culture surrounding pain toward personal empowerment and exquisite appreciation of our physical bodies. He weaves these cutting-edge therapeutic concepts into everything from one-on-one therapy sessions to his yoga and posture classes. Nathan also lectures and conducts workshops on posture therapy and pain neutralization techniques.

He began his career in sports therapy with an emphasis on chronic pain and posture in 1997. In 2001, he helped create Optimal Performance Bodywork, one of the most comprehensive massage protocols available, combining the best ideas and principles from the top bodywork methods available today. In 2003, he held the position of Director of Therapy and Education at the Symmetry Pain Relief Clinic, a posture therapy center in La Jolla, California. His next step was to create the TrueBalance Sports Therapy Clinic: A clinic focusing on personalized sessions for pain neutralization, posture restoration and helping people return to their active lifestyles. TrueBalance is the synergy of his manual therapy, biomechanics, yoga and pain science education.


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