Elizabeth Labau

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SugarHero was founded in 2012 and has quickly become a premiere online destination for dessert lovers seeking recipe inspiration and drool-worthy photographs. Pastry chef Elizabeth Labau started SugarHero with the dual goals of sharing creative, modern, and fun dessert recipes, and teaching people advanced pastry techniques through photo and video tutorials.

In just a few years, SugarHero has received millions of visitors, been named a Best Baking Blog by Better Homes & Gardens, and Elizabeth has been featured in many national publications, including Food & Wine magazine, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune,  The Kitchn, The Huffington Post, and ProBlogger.

In addition to her work on SugarHero, Elizabeth is also a cookbook author, on-camera instructor, freelance food writer,  and brand ambassador. She has been the candy expert at About.com for 10 years, she has released two dessert video classes with Craftsy, and her cookbook, The Sweet Book of Candy Making, has been translated into five other languages. Across all her projects and platforms, she is passionate about teaching everyone how to become a sugar hero in their own kitchen.


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