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Hola, me llamo, David! I’m the creator, author, photographer, grand master of culinary debauchery, and host at, A Bachelor & His Grill.

Behind the scenes, from 9-5, for the last decade, I’ve meticulously juggled a hectic professional schedule as an executive in the commercial banking industry, in tandem with countless personal and community commitments, all while tirelessly pursuing those passions that truly light the flames of my soul.  Beyond the suit and tie, I’m single (hence the “Bachelor” moniker), living in a relatively sizable, on-trend Midwestern US city.  I’m madly in love with creating amazing fare, tossing back a fantastic chilled beverage (or 2), laughing loudly, and traveling the Globe in search of epic adventure!

I’m so fortunate to be surrounded by the most supportive, caring family, 2 crazy beautiful children who are the light of my existence, and a close group of friends who have demonstrated themselves to be ~91% positively influential (and, most days some days not positively influential at all).

Can’t find me online on any given weekend?? I’m most likely at the gym, volunteer coaching little league baseball, or in process of traveling the World. Over the last few years I’ve ventured from sea to shining sea and one side of the world to the other, from the middle of oceans to tops of mountains… Central America, the Caribbean & Gulf Coast, Australia, Tasmania, Europe & United Kingdom, the Hawaiian Archipelago & every major US metropolis lying between the geographical points of New York City & Los Angeles!

Well. As you’d presume at this juncture, I also host a little food blog (mostly a littering of semi-sarcastic humor, a dose of crazy delicious fare, and a connection point with some of the most fantastically beautiful and inspirational people I have ever met). You should check it out – It’s a pretty legit website… with words, pictures & everything. I make grub, then take photos of it, crack a brewski and devour it, and subsequently write about it… not a horrible gig. Plus, I like to eat. So, definitely a Win/Win.

For years now I’ve drank like water all I could consume in a never-ending informal education of the culinary arts. Along this journey, I’ve gone from young college grad, burning boiled water & losing myself in a simple PB&J recipe, to national grilling guru, international brand ambassador, national television cooking personality, published author, and (unbeknownst to the organization) the future marquee pitching prospect of Major League Baseball’s Detroit Tigers (we can all dream, right?).

Through this blog, I’ll share some of my very favorite recipes, demonstrating how to simply create phenomenal fare using elementary, assessable techniques, and fresh, local resources. Along the way I’ll offer a few tales of my journey in bachelorhood and culinary debauchery (the good, bad and ugly (we’ve all been there and everyone starts from scratch)) – Providing a bit of insight and smidgen of inspiration for that place where real rockstar fare is created – off-camera, over the flame, alongside family, friends and those you love the most.

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