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Personalized Consultations for Individuals and Groups

Having worked in the culinary and publishing industries for more than 30 years, Lisa is often asked to share her experience with others. In many cases, these presentations are done in front of a large group, such as a national conference or convention. At other times, however, Lisa consults directly with an individual or small group to address their specific objectives.

When possible, these consultations are done in-person, but can also take place by telephone or via video conferencing services and internet communications, such as Skype, if requested. The rate is $325 per person, per hour, and a minimum of one hour is required. Special group rates are available. For off-site consultations, clients are responsible for travel, lodging, and related expenses.

While each consultation is customized to fit the needs and goals of the client, most address one or more of the following topics:

How much should I be charging for my work? Will a cookbook help advance my career? What sort of projects can I expect to find beyond the kitchen stove? How do I build my brand and platform? These are just a few of the typical questions Lisa answers during a career-focused consultation.

Media Interviews
This consultation is a condensed version of Lisa’s nationally-recognized media training course, which helps professionals prepare for television, print, and radio interviews. Focus areas include: message point delivery, control techniques, recipe selection and breakdown, effective sound bytes, and more. (The media training program covers these topics in-depth and the consultation is not a substitute for the one- or two-day long, interactive, one-on-one course which includes actual videotaped interviews and critiquing.)

Public Appearances
From time to time, work asks us to step outside our box, to stretch beyond our comfort zone and do something new. Whether it is speaking in front of a group, giving a cooking demonstration, or representing a brand, public appearances require practice and careful planning. In this type of consultation, Lisa helps clients identify and refine message points and anticipate questions; she also offers tips on connecting with the audience, body language, and more.

Publishing & Writing
Many writers dream of publishing a book or cookbook, but are not sure where to begin. Offering literary agency services since the year 2000 with over 200 successful book deals, Lisa demystifies the process for would-be authors. Common topics include: traditional versus independent publishing; blogging and online publishing; the importance of platform; competition; proposal guidelines and development.

Strategic Career Planning
What should I be doing now to secure work for myself down the road? This consultation covers a broad range of topics, including marketing and public relations, and focuses on the road ahead – on making sure it is as straight and profitable as possible.

To schedule your individual or group consultation, please contact us.