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Featured Titles

  • PASSION FOR PIZZA: A Journey Through Thick and Thin to Find the Pizza Elite

    Pizza is a global obsession, and PASSION FOR PIZZA celebrates the personalities, stories, pride, and excitement behind one of the world’s favorite foods. PASSION FOR PIZZA is not only a cookbook and a work of culinary history, but also a tribute to the people and places that make this dish […]

  • THE NEWLYWED COOKBOOK: Cooking Happily Ever After

    Today’s newlyweds are contemporary and anything but traditional. Couples are more independent and their tastes are savvy because they grew up with The Food Network and frequent trendy restaurants, but their busy schedules mean they’re often strapped for time and not always proficient in the kitchen. With this collection of no-fail recipes […]


    Often confused with molasses, and ranging in color from tawny gold to a deep teak brown, sorghum syrup tempers sweetness with a hint of tart and a buttery resonance. It has been the secret ingredient in Southern baked goods, confections, glazes, and dressings since the Civil War. In SORGHUM’S SAVOR, Ronni […]

  • SECRETS FROM THE LA VARENNE KITCHEN: 50 Essential Recipes Every Cook Needs to Know

    When Anne Willan founded La Varenne Cooking School in Paris, students were provided a helpful reference booklet: a compilation of the 50 basic recipes they were expected to master as part of their course. Now, forty years later, these foundation recipes from the La Varenne curriculum remain just as timeless and reliable. Never […]


    Passover celebrates freedom—and Paula Shoyer’s innovative Passover collection celebrates culinary freedom, while still honoring the holiday’s dietary rules. THE NEW PASSOVER MENU consists of 65 recipes will set you free, combining the nostalgic pleasure of family favorites with contemporary creations. Covering both seders and all eight days of the holiday, […]

  • PURE PORK AWESOMENESS: Totally Cookable Recipes from Around the World

    “Like Bubba Gump and his shrimp, I have a million ways to cook pork because I love it so much. If I had only one animal to eat forevermore, I would eat pigs. You could have a pork chop one day, pulled pork another, and cured bacon the next day, […]

  • THE NATURAL BEAUTY SOLUTION: Break Free from Commercial Beauty Products Using Simple Recipes

    In the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, does it make sense to slather your body in commercial, chemical-­laden beauty products?  Like your stomach, your skin can absorb chemicals and additives – but navigating the world of commercial beauty in search of safe, natural, and effective products can be expensive and daunting.  […]

  • MASTERING PASTA: The Art and Practice of Handmade Pasta, Gnocchi, and Risotto

    MASTERING PASTA is a complete primer on artisan pasta-making from acclaimed Philadelphia chef Marc Vetri, featuring 100 of his favorite recipes. Providing a deep exploration of Italy’s fascinating pasta traditions and detailed guidance for home cooks seeking authentic approaches, this comprehensive guide covers all the pasta basics along with risotto, […]

  • LIGHTEN UP, Y’ALL: Classic Southern Recipes Made Healthy and Wholesome

    A mouth-watering collection of recipes for classic Southern comfort food—including chicken and gravy, slow-cooked greens, macaroni and cheese, and chocolate brownies—made lighter, healthier, and completely guilt-free. Virginia Willis is one of the most respected authorities on Southern cooking—so when she decided to lighten up her diet, she wanted to do […]

  • THE HOMEMADE VEGAN PANTRY: The Art of Making Your Own Staples

    Kitchen crafters know the pleasures of making their own staples and specialty foods, whether it’s cultured sour cream or a stellar soup stock. Now vegans who are tired of buying over-processed products can finally join the homemade revolution. This guide to creating staple ingredients from author and television host Miyoko […]

  • EMPANADAS: The Hand-Held Pies of Latin America

    Found from New York to Los Angeles, from Mexico to Brazil and into the Latin Caribbean, empanadas are the most widely eaten hand-held pies in the world. They can be filled with a marvelous array of ingredients featuring simple, vibrant flavors and can make a perfect snack, everyday meal, decadent […]

  • EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR SIGHT: Simple, Tasty Recipes that Help Reduce the Risk of Vision Loss From Macular Degeneration

    More than 10 million Americans suffer from age-related macular degeneration (AMD)—many unable to drive, read, or recognize their children’s faces. AMD is the leading cause of blindness in people over age 60, and we don’t yet have a cure. But it is possible to protect yourself—and it’s never too early […]

  • COOKING CLASS: 57 Fun Recipes Kids Will Love to Make (and Eat!)

    For parents eager to find ways to engage kids in meaningful activities, cooking is a fun and productive opportunity to help kids become more creative and self-sufficient, while learning valuable skills and interacting with others. COOKING CLASS is written for kids ages 8 to 12, with step-by-step photographs they can […]

  • CIAO BISCOTTI: Sweet and Savory Recipes Celebrating Italy’s Favorite Cookie

    Studded with nuts, dappled in chocolate, or dotted with dried fruit, biscotti, Italy’s unique twice-baked cookies, have a crunchy, toasty, enduring appeal. Perfect for dunking into coffee, tea, or Vin Santo, they’re easy to make and transform a simple bowl of ice cream or sorbet into a special dessert. With […]

  • BBQ BISTRO: Simple, Sophisticated French Recipes for Your Grill

    BBQ BISTRO will take your barbecue from yum to ooh-la-la, bringing the charm and flavor of the French bistro to your own backyard. Authors Karen Adler and Judith Fertig share their favorite quick and casual bistro recipes for a hot grill. With recipes like Grilled Salmon Benedict, French Feta and […]

  • BAKE HAPPY: 100 Delightful Dessert Recipes to Rock Your World

    Make Your Sweet Tooth Happy! Colorful, flavorful, feel-good desserts practically shout “happy!” BAKE HAPPY will bring some good juju back to your kitchen. Whether you’re in the mood for spicy autumnal aromas, luscious caramels, bright citrus flavors, or sultry chocolate, BAKE HAPPY has something that will satisfy your sweet tooth […]

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