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  1. Daniel Olivella

    Do you want to work with Daniel? Click here! Born in the heart of the wine region of Penedès in Spain and with more than thirty years of experience in the restaurant business, Chef Daniel Olivella brings authentic Spanish flavors to his establishments in the Bay Area and Austin. He began his career as a teenager […]

  2. Perre Coleman Magness

    Do you want to work with Perre? Click here! Perre Coleman Magness is the cook and writer behind the book Pimento Cheese: The Cookbook (St. Martin’s Griffin, 2014) and the website The Runaway Spoon, which focuses on creative recipes with a Southern slant. Perre Coleman has studied food and cooking around the world, mostly by eating, but also […]

  3. Zainab Storms

    Do you want to work with Zainab? Click here! Zainab Storms is the home chef, baker, neuroscientist, world traveler, mom, and voice behind A Classic Twist. For Zainab, cooking and baking began as a grad-school hobby, a way to de-stress and express her creativity while earning her Ph.D. in neuroscience. She enjoyed experimenting with new recipes […]

  4. Elizabeth Sims

    Do you want to work with Elizabeth? Click here! Elizabeth L. Sims is a communications professional with a background in strategic marketing, brand management, advertising, public relations, journalism and published writing. She began her communications company in 2009, following her role as Vice President of Marketing Communications for The Biltmore Company in Asheville, NC. She is […]

  5. Anne Quatrano

    Do you want to work with Anne? Click here! Though she was raised in Connecticut, Anne Quatrano attributes her passion for cooking to spending time with her grandmother in the kitchen and summers at her mother’s family farm, Summerland, near Cartersville, Georgia. Her professional culinary career began in earnest at the California Culinary Academy in San […]

  6. Sherrie Castellano

    Do you want to work with Sherrie? Click here! Sherrie Castellano is a Certified Health Coach, plant-based chef, recipe developer, and photographer based in St. Louis, MO. She is the woman behind the seasonally inspired naturally gluten-free food blog, With Food + Love. With an intense passion for wellness and intuitive nourishment, Sherrie empowers her clients […]

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